In-person six sigma green belt courses in Nairobi
Six Sigma Kenya’s in-person six sigma courses in Nairobi for green belt, are available as face-to-face classes. Green belt six sigma practitioners can apply the correct tools at the appropriate time to maximize efficiency in defining, measuring, analysing, improving, and controlling critical processes to increase cost savings - thereby improving the bottom line. We run both dmaic and lean six sigma green belt in-person courses. This is a full certification green belt course.
Six Sigma Kenya offers six sigma green belt in-person courses in Nairobi or for groups of 6+ we will run these courses on-site at your business. As specialist training providers, Six Sigma Kenya focuses heavily on the practical abilities of the green belt six sigma students, to ensure they can achieve at very least 6 figure savings for their companies.


Learn directly from our very own trainers, who use studio-grade equipment to record modules on our various topics. We use one of the top LMS systems in the world, which allows you to watch the video modules and complete quizzes the whole way through before completing your final exams.


Six Sigma Kenya typically uses Microsoft Teams for our virtual training but can use different software at your request when large groups are involved. Enjoy our live virtual online instructor-led training with experienced Six Sigma professionals in a virtual classroom-based setting from a location you find most convenient.

Six Sigma Kenya’s Offices

It is often better to send your staff to training in an environment away from the office, where they cannot be disturbed and pulled out of course at a whim. We highly recommend training your staff on our public courses, at our centres near you. We organise training in convenient locations in Nairobi and other major cities all across Kenya.


If you have more than 6 persons to be trained, it can be beneficial financially to conduct the course as your premises onsite in Kenya. If you require on-site training please inquire below. On special request our trainers can organise on-site training to come and train your staff at your companies facilities.